Brooksville, FL – The apathy and stupidity of many Christians here in America and Canada is beyond disturbing. While all of us were hanging around having a nice quiet Easter at home with our families, Christians in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia were trying to keep from being murdered by the legions of rabid Islamic Jihadists that have been carrying out a bloody crusade against Christians the world over for the past 2 decades.

To be fair, Muslims have been carrying out this bloody crusade daily since the end of the last actual Crusade back in the 13th century, but over the past two decades, they have been successfully targeting Christians in areas once thought impossible to attack.

While the nation’s attention is on the Southern Border and the violent Mexican and Latin American criminals pouring over our borders, many self-proclaimed deplorable are ignoring the even greater threat posed by Islam which doesn’t have to flood our borders to gain access, instead, our Federal Empire rolls the red carpet out for them daily.

Now, we need to shut down the Southern Mexican Border now… Mr. President stops tweeting your threats to shut it down and just do it already. We support the wall and recognize the threat coming in from the Southern Border, but this threat pails in comparison to the threat of Islam.

The issue with the Southern Border is a big nothing burger, Trump needs to shut down the border now, send in the army, Marines, and arm them. Next, Trump needs to weaponize the IRS to hunt down employers who are hiring illegals, and the border should remain shut down until the wall is finished. Lastly, Trump needs to declare war on all street gangs and declare them as domestic criminal insurgents. Use the might of the now militarized police to crush MS13 and all of the other street gangs. Make it a crime to be in these gangs and forget about trying to catch them red-handed doing a crime.

Hell, the Feds have already declared white motorcycle clubs like the Hell Angels criminal groups and have virtually shut them down by making it a crime to wear their vests in public. Why not do the same thing with street gangs and their tattoos?

Last time I checked MS13 and other street gangs pose a bigger threat then the Angels do.

Too much attention and energy are being wasted on the wall and Mexico when Trump has the power to swiftly put an end to the crisis on the border by carrying out the steps I outlined above.

But what about Islam? Well, they are left to roam free. Trump blocked immigration from 10 nations but has done nothing to block refugee resettlement from these same regions.

Right now violent unvetted Muslims are pouring into America legally, with the aid of our government. Have we learned nothing from what’s going on over in Europe?

Over the past nine years over 875 Christian Churches have been burned or vandalized in Europe. Number 875 was the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Like it or not, while we might not be at war with Islam, Islam is at war with us. To date, several very large sects or denominations of Islam, including the massive Whabbi sect has declared a Jihad (Islamic Crusade) against the West and Christianity. This jihad was declared back before the 9/11 attacks and remains in effect to this day.

This past weekend was Easter, and while nothing happened here in Florida or in America, in Europe over a dozen churches were vandalized and in Sri Lanka over 240 Christians were murdered by Islamic Jihadis and our American Fake News Media is silent. Well they have reported on it, but only to place the blame on “Militants” and not Muslims who are the ones who carried out the attacks.

Sri Lanka has declared Martial Law, 3 Americans have been murdered, and two churches have been attacked, as well as a luxury hotel.

But the American Fake News Media doesn’t want you to know any of this, instead, they want you to think that nameless and religionless “Militants” are to blame when Muslims carried out the attacks.

This is why the Media is the enemy of the people.

The Media also doesn’t want you to know that a good amount of these Muslim Refugees that are coming to America are constructing remote heavily armed Islamic compounds.

But nothing to see here… again even with Trump in office, DHS still refuses to remove “White Nationalists” as the number one domestic terrorist threat in America. Really??!

To date, one lone White Nationalist has only carried out one attack, and that was the Christchurch shooting which mind you occurred at a Mosque in New Zealand that was a known hive of Islamic Jihadis. The Mosque the shooter targeted was a Mosque that had produced two suicide bombers and a half dozen ISIS Commandos.

Meanwhile, an estimated 8,000 Muslims have carried out suicide attacks to date, that have killed tens of thousands of innocents, ISIS had an army of Jihadi Muslims that totaled around 60,000, Al Qaeda had an army of around 15,000 Jihadi Muslims, and Hamas has an army of around 35,000 Jihadi Muslims that are spread all around the globe. These groups have murdered millions of innocents not because of the color of their skin, but because they weren’t Muslim enough… and our biggest threat are angry white guys.

Are you mad yet?

Are you mad about being lied to your face every time you turn on your “news”?

Are you mad about Christians, a peaceful mostly pacifist group of people, being brutally murdered?

Are you mad about your tax dollars being taken from you by force only to be redistributed to Muslim Refugees to the tune of $3,500 a month for an indefinite period of time?

If you are fed up with this its time to push back. Stop listening to the fake news media. Seriously, only use them for the weather, they are not trustworthy. Especially your local media, they are the worst.

Join other Nationalists on social media and help them grow. If we are going to put an end to this madness we need to grow our political base, start new Nationalist political groups, take back our schools and communities from, and founded new Nationalist Christian Crusader Churches that don’t bend the knee to Islamists and the Globalists.

Personally you as a person, you need to get your head out of your ass, and your ass off the couch. You need to stop spending yourself into the poor house to keep up with your equally poor friends and neighbors. You need to pay off all debt. You need to hit the gym and get in shape, you need to turn off the boob tube, read some books, expand your mind, and focus on growing a very large and very traditional family unit that can withstand the toxic radiation being emmitted from the crumbling Federal Empire.

We are in a culture war as well as a religious holy war.

There is no room for people on the sidelines of this fight. If you sit on the sidelines you are just begging for your demise.


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