Brooksville, FL – No this is not satire, and if the Democrats in NYC have their way, the classic New York Hotdog will be illegal along with side dangerous narcotics.

Why, well silly… Democrats are mouth breathing vapid NPCs who are just puppets of the much broader and larger globalist UN one world government crowd who seeks to usher in a one world government come 2030.

This new one world government modeled after the fictional Earth from the Star Trek TV series will be a peaceful utopia void of pollution and evil meat products. Basically, if you want to understand why the left is doing all of this crazy stuff, you need to sit down and flip on Star Trek “The Next Generation”, because essentially that is their model.

In the fictional Star Trek universe, Earth banned all meat products because meat is murder, new Green Tech allows for pollutionless travel around the globe and across the universe, guns are banned, people have only the rights the government grants them to have, the world is run by a Liberal Fascist Military Oligarchy, God has been banned, there are no religions, humanity is forced to serve in the military, and lastly there is no money, people instead are given government rations by way of technological machines that replicate their every need.

Any of this sound familiar?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio used executive powers to push through Green New Deal policies as part of the “One NYC 2050” aka the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The new policy will phase out processed meats and reduce beef by 50% for all schools, jails, hospitals, and cafeterias where government workers eat.

Looking further into these policies reveals a slow creep towards an eventual mandated vegan diet in the name of “climate change.”

Also keep in mind that hotdogs are viewed as a sin by Muslims, whom the Democrats have a shaky alliance with. This is why the weiner is being banned first, and many expect bacon and other similar pork products to be the next items banned by NYC and other liberal shitholes, while Muslim related Halal meats will likely be last on the ban list, if they are even banned at all.

Remember in parts of Germany, the German Government has enacted a total ban on all prok products, including brautwurst. The Germans put this ban into place to appease the hordes of violent Muslims that the Germans have dumped across their tiny nation.

Also, in Muslim controlled sections of France, UK, Sweden, and Belguim, Sharia Law Patrols have enacted unofficial pork, alcohol, and dog bans as well as enacting strict Islamic dress codes for women. These Muslim “no-go” zones are essentially mini-Islamic caliphates where the local police don’t even go.

Unless something is done about the March of Liberal Marxist Fascism here in America, as well as the deluge of Muslim refugees, America won’t be far behind.


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