Brooksville, FL – Obviously that was a bit of satire for the more dim-witted out there. We are poking fun of the fact that thanks to 20 years of clammering by the majority of the population to normalize the degenerate and disease-ridden homosexual preference crowd, parts of our once proud American Empire is now slowly collapsing around us.

There is a reason outside of religious and moral objections as to why homosexuality has been kept in the closet as a disgusting deviant sin.

Hepatitis along with the landslide of other viral and very contagious diseases is one main reason, and the propensity of gays to engage in pedophilia is the second.

So to all of you free love idiots out there, this is the world that you made, so have fun living in it.

Now we will go into detail regarding the Democrat lefts campaign to normalize pedophilia and include it as a stripe on the LGBTXYZ flag in another article, today we are talking about hepatitis and the coverup going on to lie to the public about who is spreading it.

The local Florida media along with the Florida Health Dept. have been engaging in a 16-month coverup regarding the current Hepatitis Outbreak that has ravaged the State of Florida from Key West up to Jacksonville.

The current outbreak in Hernando is nothing new or special, and in fact, has been ongoing for the past year. The recent outbreak at the Silverthorn Golf and Country Club is just an extension of the outbreak that occurred Zig Zags Scallop restaurant out near Hernando Beach.

Cases of hepatitis A in the state of Florida are climbing and the Tampa Bay area is a hot spot contributing to that rise. In 2018, the number of hepatitis A cases in Florida was more than triple the usual annual rates over the past five years.

So far, 2019 is on track to be even worse.

In a map of hepatitis A rates in the state for 2019, counties in dark red have the highest rates – including Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando, and Pinellas. The map shows Central Florida is being hit hard, as a whole. A list of cases per county in Florida can be found at the bottom of this article.

Last year, there were 550 cases the entire year. In the first month and a half of 2019, the Merlin database shows 239 cases, as of February 14. Pinellas County and Key West, the two gayest counties in Florida have the most cases in the state, reporting 47 so far this year. Pasco is second with 44, and Hillsborough is fourth at 22. Orange County came in third.

You can basically lay a map of the gayest counties that have the highest population of proud flag waiving homos over the hepatitis outbreak map and in every case, the number of outbreaks matches up perfectly with the rapid increase in gays from around the world moving to Florida.

Since 2017 the State has been literally flooded with these disease-carrying fruits to the point that even here in a Deep Dark Red County like Hernando, a local bar, Marker 48, has a nightly Gay Drag Queen show.

The virus spreads through contact with feces and the anal cavity, which is the bread and butter of the gay community. Just last year a large gay restaurant chain down in Tampa, Brandon, and St. Pete was shut down by the Florida Dept. of Health over a massive Hepatitis outbreak that infected thousands of tourists dumb enough to step one foot into these places.

In October 2018 the gay bar “Hamburger Mary’s” down in Tampa was shut down by the Florida Dept. of Health over a massive outbreak of Hepatitis that had infected a number of its gay cooks and wait for, staff.

After an investigation by the Florida Dept. of Health, it was discovered that the Brandon and St. Pete locations of Hamburger Mary’s also had massive outbreaks of Hepatitis and ordered all three locations shut down.

It was also revealed by some of the gay staff that it was not uncommon for staff to have sex in the restaurant, namely the kitchen and freezer area where the food was prepared and kept.

Here is a link to that story –> https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/news/2019/02/27/hamburger-mary-s-to-close-remaining-locations–slams-health-department

Now the local media is keeping a tight lid on the recent outbreak, and if I was a gambling man I would bet dollars to donuts that the infected worker at Silverthorn was gay.

If he wasn’t gay then he was an illegal Mexican worker which is the second largest group of human rats that carry these diseases. It’s very common in Mexican agricultural farms to crap right in the middle of the field while they are picking produce to save time on harvesting vegetables. Its also common practice down in Mexico for Mexican farmers to use human feces to fertilize the crops, and Mexicans seldom use toilet paper let alone wash their hands.

I went down to Mexico three times… people were literally shitting in the street, and wiping their ass with their hands. This wasn’t in some drug cartel border town, this was outside the tourist area in Cancun, and outside the tourist area of Cozumel.

The use of Mexican labor and produce has led to an outbreak of Hepatitis and E-Coli that have killed hundreds of Americans. Just this past Thanksgiving romaine lettuce was essentially banned over the Mexican practice of using human poop to fertilize fields, and three times since 2010, Chipotle Mexican Grill has had to shut all of its stores because their produce, which only comes from Mexico, was infested with E-Coli.

Here are links to those stories…



So what can be done?

Well, thanks to the fact that we lack a Southern Wall along the border, and since the left has been advancing “gay rights”, nothing.

The only thing you can do is eat at home and avoid going out to places where you can’t see your food prepared in front of you. In the case of Chipotle, I would avoid them in general even though you can see your food being prepared in front of you given that they still use crap infested produce from Mexico.

Chinese food and buffets would also be a safe place to go given that they do not hire gays or illegal aliens.

Sadly this is the new norm in America thanks in large part to the regressive agenda of the left to implode America to bring about the new world order.

According to the left, if you don’t like this new norm then you are a bigot. So you are either a “bigot” like me and many others in the eyes of the left, or you are a mindless NPC that is scared of standing up to the regressive left.

Which is it?



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