Its Okay to Be White

Brooksville, FL – There is nothing wrong with being white, or being proud of being white. Do not let the racist Liberal Marxist Fascists (LMFs) trick you into feeling guilt over being white.

Ask yourself… are blacks and other races allowed to be proud of their race? Do they have their own racial recognition month of celebration?

Yes and Yes.

So what’s with the double standard?

You see a bunch of very racist anti-white minority-based groups has united together for the sole purpose of spreading white-guilt, self white hate, which will hopefully culminate in lower birth rates for whites, and thus open up more wealth and prosperity by default to them and their ilk.

It’s a very sinister plan that has been unfolding slowly since the 1990s.

To combat this effort we will not use violence or force, but logic. This is where the Its Okay to Be White campaign comes in.

The campaign is simple enough, print out very bland white sheets that simply read “Its Okay to Be White”, and then post these sheets in very liberal areas of the country to get these racist minority groups to flip out and have their puppets in the Fake News Media to run with negative smear campaigns and their pals in local Democrat controlled governments to enact racist laws aimed at prohibiting the display of signs that merely proclaim “Its Okay to Be White”.

That is it.

This entire campaign is a trap for the left to fall in for the sole purpose of exposing their racist hatred of white people, and their desires to wipe out the white race.

Since 2017 this plan has been working like a charm. On social media alone millions of far left NPC bots have called for exterminating the white race, and many liberal controlled governments have banned these leaflets while allowing other races to do whatever they want.

Sadly, with the collapse of California and the mass exodus of vile blue state liberal snowflakes to Texas, we are seeing this once deep red state slowly turn purple as Texas is flooded with about 10,000 new blue state refugees every week. Given this population shift, Texas has begun to join California, New York, Illinois, and Virginia in prohibiting the “It’s Okay to Be White” leaflet from being posted.

Fort Worth residents are terrorized by “It’s Okay To Be White” signs posted in their neighborhood and City Council member Cary Moon is NOT taking it lightly. He says posting “It’s OKAY To Be White” on light posts or public property is a Class C Misdemeanor and if you see these signs to Call The Police IMMEDIATELY!

In 2018, an “Its Okay to Be White” leafleting of an Austin, TX neighborhood caused a huge incident that made the national news.

Similar leafletting campaigns in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia produced similar results thanks to blue state transplant refugees who are infesting our red states and enacting blue state policies.


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